Monday, July 23, 2007

And Another One

Through the Pain

(Click pic for vid)

He's done it again!

Every time this Egomaniacal ass negro supposedly "Gets his heart
". He hits up the studio a pumps out a puss-tastic sob story.

Nigga first off you cheated on your childrens mother publicly like 5
times. Even a gold digger gotta pack it up after that, you don't pay
them that much.

I bet Kim shit bout to fall off after all the STD's Puffarelli done
brought home.

Them Kenyan Lion Crabs don't play boy!

He's enlisted Mario Winans for the task of getting his money back.

Puff told him he could record another album if he sang Kim back into

Too bad Mario can't sing *Esta Rolle into his sheets.

Looks like its 1.2 mil a year for you Diddykins.

So this video is classic Diddy

Light skinned models
Exotic Cars
That Fuckin Toothpick!

What is it with that damn toothpick Puff?

You got an oral fixation?
You used to suck your thumb as a child?

No I got it, That shit is penis flavored so when he has to do anything
heterosexual he don't throw up on his Sean Jhon V Neck.

Soooo.. The plot of the video is that Puff is depressed.

So Mario rolls over and suggests a stripper run.

Hey it works for PacMan Jones

Seriously though, this is why the nigga is 37 and single.
If you trying to get your girl back

1. Don't Make a Video in a mock titty bar

2. Don't cast the least attractive video girl as Kim, Yall notice that

Everytime he sees a gorgeous woman, his aviators magically transform
them into this semi-average chick.


Game recognize Game Puff, Right now you lookin real unfamiliar!

Take an L Puff

She left you for a very good reason

You a asshole



AB said...

Couldn't have said better myself, lol.

*Future* said...

Thanks B

Mike Crown said...

This nigga is still puttin out videos for Press Play??!!? This is outrageous!! Sean could you please just admit you fucked up!! You don't need to put out another bad video off of that dreadful album.

Bird said...

That video is ridiculous. Imagine having the power to put out a video to your lost insignificant other like some kind of public stalker. Puffy played himself big time and I hope Kim doesn't fall for his madness. If she goes back she needs to expect more of the same; public humiliation and eventually HIV.

Bird said...

And where is your Making the Band recap? You know I need that like air.

*Future* said...

Man I been comin up with nothin Bird I would post what I wrote but its terrible

Bird said...

It was a little uninspiring. Even the blow up with Laurieann was waay over rated. About the only truly funny parts were Qwanell's infatuation with Laurieann and Andrae's remix. Oh yeah Jonathan was pitiful too. He says on his MySpace page that he didn't punk out, but rather he realized the group wasn't for him as he wants to do inspirational music and will be coming out with something.