Wednesday, January 30, 2008




"I got that ignorant shit you love"

Mannnn I love this damn show, Nothing helps me put pen to pad like an hour of Puff's batshit insanity. Unlike alot of reality shows like the countless Flavor of Love spinoffs, this shit is real. While the producers may put them in situations to get a predicted response all in all its unscripted.

The show opens with Diddy re-caping us on the events of the past year. Danity Kane blah blah blah...Million records sold blah blah blah....Revolutionary Boy Band.

Ya'll get it.

I'm offended he didnt mention his bottom bitches Da Band, while they only sold half a mil, the second season was by far the best. Although sometimes it made you ashamed of your race....Well maybe that feeling never quite went away while watching. It was by far the most entertaining, Fights, Crazy flip outs, Choppa ole Kermit the Frog lookin ass.

I'd give all 11 of these soft ass niggas away for another season of MTB2.

Well no use crying over spilled milk...

The Boyss land in NYC first. Everyone looks the same except Robert looks like he gained the weight that Big Mike lost. I really dont care if that nigga blow up like Pun as long as I never see that damn bedazzled fedora agian...

I hope he burned that shit along with his ex boyfriends number.

I swear that chick sounded like she was swangin....

The guys look happy to see each other though and you cant help but feel the excitement too.

Then they cut to Donnie, our favorite eye-talian, who looks like bathes in olive oil that nigga is beyond greasy.

Pro-Active could make a mint off developing a Body Scrub for this dude.

Anyways he gets mobbed by a few 12 yr olds and their mom who thought he was Christopher from the Sopranos.

Any attention is good attention though right?

Finally they get to our favorite D-list girl group Danity Kane.

A quick rundown of the girls

Aubrey- Smells like Chanel No. 5 and Slut

D Woods- Monstrous Fatty and a lopsided mullet

Dawn - Doesn't really look like Choppa in drag anymore, cuteness debatable.

Shannon- Looks like the 13th wife of a commune leader

Aundrea - Hobbit...

All jokes aside I would smash every single one of these chicks except for Shannon, she looks really really really lame... like play's Bridge with her grammy on Tuesday nights lame.

The girls find their crib and catch up on shit, Meanwhile at the House that Biggie Built Puffarelli is having a Get-That-Cake meeting with the Dream Team.

I guess a nigga done ran outta unreleased B.I.G material, but thats a problem easily solved Diddy.

First get Guerilla Black on board with this nefarious plan, Shouldnt be hard he back at his momma's crib.

Secondly hire a ghost writer cuz Black cant spit and preferably not the nigga you use Puff.

Third pour some cement over Wallace's grave cuz he may just come back to strangle your bitch ass.

Everyone then heads to the Bad Boy offices for individual meetings, While waiting for the Boss to summon them. These Boyss were sittin there looking timid, sweating and shit not one to be bored, Aubrey immediately slides into her role as the consummate whore making up a story about Donny on the third floor of the Marriott with some groupie jumpoff.

This nigga was so scared of these girls that he didnt even deny it.

I dont understand the logic of it all, Yeah they fine and was on T.V but so were you dumbass! Don't you still eat, shit, and speak the same?

First up for review were the only nameless musical act in existence.

Diddy made em take off the caps to scope for fresh cuts, everybody passed so they were spared a trip to Bangledesh for a circus monkey or whatever crazy punishment Diddy had thought up.

Basically the meeting is just them playing catch up, Puffy makes a joke then the guys just laugh nervously like he had a gun on em.

Poppa Diddy would prolly respect they asses more if they didnt act like a buncha Mike Vick puppies! Flinchin and shit....Bitches!

Iight we gonna have to side track for a moment here, When this shit re-runs, and it will. Watch closely for the secretary that calls them in this lady looks like she shops with a time machine. This nigga here got a 80's power skirt on that her momma prolly wouldn't wear in 84'.

When the girls go in its the same shit but when the meeting adjourns Puff keeps Aubrey back for a pep talk.

He basically tells the skeet skeet that she cant be fuckin up the money by getting negative press. What kind of negative press you ask?

Being fat and changing her hair color....

Did he forget the ones about him boning her on the regular and knocking her up??

Stupid ass

Man its clear Diddy was smashing her they got that wierd uneasiness goin on that follows having a sexual encounter that can never be spoken of...ever.

He then releases her and the other 10 contractual slaves to go have a nice night out on Bad Boy's dime.

Let me start off by saying the beauty of Dawn's ass cannot be described in any words in any modern language.

When she turned around and asked if it was too much I damn near fell over, her shit is on point!

Now that thats out of the way Boss man hooked em up with a limo and The Boysss acted like they never had a prom.

Act like you been somewhere nigga!

Then when they stopped to pick up the girls Donny was faced with a decision any man would have in this rare situation.

It's a very important decision dont get it twisted, Every woman in the clique is Bad, which one gonna drop drawers?

He picked the most obvious choice of course, Aubarella.

She is said to have slept with Diana Ross ole fruity ass son she definitely gonna give Donny Brasco a taste.

There's only one problem...

These niggas is scared of semi-celebrity pussy!

It was soooo quiet in the limo D.K. pulled out the sidekicks, very bad sign on any date, Donny had the bad idea to try and break the ice.

Be warned were going on Cornball Alert...

Donny: "They should call you Danity Phones" CORNBALL

Guys: Chuckle

Aubrey: "Well it's sad when there's 6 guys in the car and all 5 girls are on their phones"

Guys: Tear up a little

She hit them niggas hard they couldn't say shit, Even LL Cool Will was hushed.

Once they get to the club and that liquor in em they get loose.

Everybody pairs up too

Dirty Q:Dawn


Robert:D Woods


Big Mike:The Wall

Then the DJ played both the groups songs and MTV hushed the boos from the crowd. Naw their songs are Iight in a club setting I guess.

After the club they hit up the 40/40 and Q spittin at Dawn on the couch.

He had her too if they cameras wasn't on em he woulda had her in the bathroom somewhere.

He said he liked to hear girls snore though, you gotta let her in on fetishes easy son!

Save the snoring for the third date then you start easing in the chains and the farm animals.

Shannon and Aundrea were in the corner like the fat friends. They wasn't hating tho I respect them and I prolly woulda chose Aundrea cuz she cute in a woodland creature sorta way.

LL Cool Will kinda was surprised by Aubrey and Donny though, borderline hating. He know she's a Maserati and Donny's a 89' Buick LeSabre.

Aubrey the type to pull some frightening shit on a nigga, have you in therapy afterwards.

They decided to hit the studio next and Big Mike had an epiphany.

"They're just..........girls"

Deep Nigga... Deep.

In the words of my eldest cousin

"No matter how fine a female is she's still just a female, the pussy still smell the same".

Wise fuckin words.

Puffarelli rolls through a hits them with the challenge.

All of them will be making an album at the same time.

Here's the M. Night Shyamalan twist though they only have 5 weeks to make it.

5 weeks nigga???

Jay dont make a album in 5 weeks shit he dont make a mixtape in that short of a time frame.

Every aspiring music mogul out there take notes on how not to make good music from Mr.Combs.

The girls are up first for recording and they sound good, they've been working together for a while now and the experiance shows.

Their song is called "Anybody out there" a ballad about angst and all that gay shit.

While they were puttin in work Dirty Q snuck in the room and hit Dawn up with the digits his numbers and his age.

Dude only 19

Dawn is like 25

I know cuz my father knew her father in New Orleans, they used to play ball together.

Anyways Pops said he saw her as a baby back in 83'/84'

She said it was a no go cuz of dude age but come on we all know that aint the truth.

The dudes have a dumb ass song called "Co-Star" about some more gay shit.

Mike tried to explain it but he aint even know what it was about.

They sounded good I thought but Diddy came through and being the expert judge of music that he is started shitting on Brian's flow.
How in the fuck is a tone-deaf nigga like Puff gonna judge anybody's singing?
We heard "Last Night" nigga!
You sounded like a Special Education class's Christmas recital.
Plus that nigga's jacket looked like hyena leather...hyena afflicted with mange leather.
I mean that shit was UGLY! I'm sure ya'll agree with me.
Talk to you next week fam.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Soulja Boy - YAHHH!!

Soulja Boy-


I hate this lil nigga with all my heart and soul

I hate his fuck-tard scribble sunglasses!

I hate his ubiquitous dance!

I hate his simple ass remedial rhymes!

This nigga is a klansmans wet dream... Its like Ronald Reagan (that nigga ain't lost his mind) and Bill O'Reilly got together to genetically engineer a super-coon.

A nigger that could jig and juke for hours fueled only by a diet of hot pickles, 99 cent chips, and Watermelon AriZona juice and still have energy to shine a mirror onto a pair of wingtips.

A nigger that could make a page of unintelligible bullshit so catchy that even the strong minded edumacated African American finds themselves tapping a toe to the shit.

I didnt there could ever be a more exploitive form of entertainment than Ministrel shows but I think this trails closely behind.

This song seriously has 24 bars between two niggas and the coldest line is

Ain't got time for chitchat
I'm tryin to get this money
So get up out my face
You shit-breath dummy

You serious?!? That's the best shit you could think of????

That wasn't even Soulja Boy those words came from his lil minion of ignorance Arab (pronounced A-Rab).

Normally I'm all about a young dude getting gwap any kind of way but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Aint Shit to mention about this video except Rocsi and Terrance are prolly announcing it at number 1 right about now..



*Cheap Brittney Spears look-a-likes homie?

You coulda got the real thing and some head for a gram of coke, a family pack of Funyuns, and a half a bottle of that Hen.

Stupid ass!

*Just when you thought it couldn't get worse this dude has a big lipped neanderthal retard claymation version of himself in the video... Well I guess it wasn't that far off.

*When did they start giving out F's in Special Classes ya'll? Fuck that how exactly do you get one? I imagine he consistently colored outside the lines and blurted random Yahhahhaahaas out during nap time.

* Okay when they start throwing the paper in class watch the lil asian girl....she cant dance for shit!

* See what niggas buy with ringtone money! this cat has a $30 office depot chair welded to a 22 inch rim.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Sorry to all my Hater-Nation fam, I haven't been bringing the hate lately.

To be truthful I have about 8 posts sitting half-done and half-assed but I refuse to deliver sub-par content.

Right now the legend Ronnie Mex is killing it so I'm content for now to enjoy his shit.

But I see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel...

MTB4 - 1/28/08

Friday, December 7, 2007

WowMarion - Girlfriend

LiL Bow Wow ft Omarion -


Mannn I been waiting on this moment for a long time...

Man I been hating on these niggas for as long as I remember, Almost as long as I've hated Usher's ole Planet of the Ape's lookin ass

I'mma dedicate this post to all the niggas who had a girlfriend all enchanted by the magic of these Keebler elves.

I mean look at LiL Bow Wow this nigga is 5'6, Omarion is like 5'8 compared to the video hoes these niggas look like hobbits

Size 9 shoe wearing ass niggas...

Lets get into it!

First this whole video poorly covers up these guys love affair

Shit the whole beginning to this video is Hella gay

Sooo O is laid up with some yella at the crib and you drops everything to go meet Bow at the "Spot"

He even picked something special out to wear


I mean look at that "I know he cheating" smile from Bow Wow's Blackanese model

Then Omarion got his girl feelin him up but he kinda half assed into it

I guess he outta them penis flavored toothpicks Puffy sent him...

But above all the homosexuality this video makes no sense

The song is about a special someone who they keep handcuffed day and night

So you start off thinking the first two chics are the mentioned Girlfriends

Then these niggas go a lesbian bar and leave with two other women???

Any other person would be confused by this...Not I!

Why else would gay men go to a lesbian bar??

To go meet up with some hardcore dykes and get it poppin' strap on style....

Did I go to far???

Anyways I always knew these niggas were Colon Cowboys this video was just concrete proof

In the words of Riley Freeman

"Ewww Niggah You Gay!"

Some WTF Moments!

* That last girl is one of the actresses on Hell Date, You know its bad as an actress when you playin a video trick for these midget ass niggas

* I like how O went in for a kiss and then faked homegirl out I understand tho,both of em had Mac lip gloss on, that shit might have gotten smeared.....

*Whats up with that Frankenstein-esque picture? Its like these niggas wanted to see what their love child will look like soon as Bow figure out how Tameka Foster pushed a child through her dick hole.

*Every woman in the room is taller than these cats.. Thats not a joke

Monday, October 15, 2007

T.I.(P) - Hurt

T.I.(P) -


Damn I really fear for the man who decides to test T.I.(P)'s gangsta!

Look at him!

5 foot 3
Baby Gap Thermal
Size 28 Jeans
Osh Kosh Beanie placed ever so carefully on his dome
Not to mention those fuckin nostrils..

If they flare out any further he's gonna split his own damn nose!
With a nose like that there's no way he dont do coke...
He put more white in his body than New York and SupaHead during All-Star weekend
and just like them smutty bitches he could prolly suck a piece of paper off the floor standing up!
Now thats gangsta...

I bet Chaka's hands still hurt from the beating they took from Tip's bony ass body

Everything in this video is so-so gangsta!

Dirty Broken Windows
Abandoned Buildings
Black Baseball Bat

I bet Mr. Harris's stylist thought the chain around his neck was a nice touch

I'm getting too old for this shit!

I just can't feel that hardcore rap shit when its done on closed sets with rappers that don't do the shit they promote.
I can see the base powder they put on that high-yella smurf!

Anyways on to Alfamega
What the fuck kind of name is Alfamega?

I'd rather listen to Reh Dogg

This nigga kinda looks like Big Tigger and The Game's love child

And since I aint never heard of this cat before I decided to check out his myspace for a little info.

What I found was appalling!

I advise those with heart problems to simply scroll down quickly

Industry insiders are comparing Alfamega to the late Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.,
because of lyrical content, style and the fact that all three share the
Astrological sign, Gemini. Alfamega is quickly being dubbed the last chapter of
the “Gemini Trilogy”. Alfamega is bigger than just music.

In the words of Kanye

" I hear niggas compare themselves to BIG alot/ You know Big and Pac/ You know to get it hot"

But never have I ever seen someone compare astrological signs and attribute it to lyrical prowess.

This nigga said the "Gemini Trilogy"...

This ain't Starwars homie..

Plus didn't the late greats die horrible violent deaths?

You sure you wanna end that trilogy?

Lets take a look at Alf's lyrics and see how it stacks up to "Juicy" or "Dear Mama"

**k niggas might talk loud, act real

But they don’t really want this here

Pussy niggas better act right, lay low

We know where yo' family live

Trust me you don’t want me up in yo' crib

Wit' a ski mask on duct taping your kids

You can pray all you want

But I don’t forgive

You should have been doin' nothing

But ya did what ya did

I ain’t gotta spell it out, pimp, you know what it is

The rest gangsta on the real man you know what it is

Plus I got a hundred goons wit' me

Dressed in black

Fifty at the front door, fifty at the back

Half got 'Ks, half got macs

Bring ‘em out, bring ‘em out

Dumb Fuck!

How dare anyone compare this retard to any legend...

Ole Dirty would shit on this nigga in a crack induced haze

Thats like Supahead comparing herself to Oprah after she smiles for the pop shot...

I aint gonna say nothing about Busta

That man got paid off this stupid shit, more power to him, he gotta pay for all them court dates

Some WTF Moments

*Who the hell let that white boy in the video lookin like Matt Herbz (the white boy before that white boy DJ Drama)

*Who really believes that Tip stay strapped under that smedium thermal... Nigga I can see your ribs!

*WTF was the point of them four niggas doing some sort of chain gang dance... Now that was gangsta!..especially when they twirled around like a helicopter

*It looks like Tip really loves to dangle large flaccid objects in front of his face

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lil Mama

Lil Mama ft some old man

Guess who decided to capitalize on the ever popular nursery rhyme dance craze???

Everyone's favorite teenage pterodactyl Lil Mama thats who!

Man I know Breezy did this one and I try to stay away from A.H.M (Already Hated on Material) but ya'll know how much I love to hate on this broad!

First, she kinda looks like what I would describe as a man,
A very ugly man with second degree burns to the facial area.

Secondly While I respect her skills, she went kinna hard on Jay's beat, her direction is all off.

Chris Brown is around her age and you dont see him singing about action figures and getting heavy spins on Radio Disney.

I mean the whole Dora the Explorer look is a good look when you're a 12 year old rapper, when you 17 going on 45 it aint cute.

Okayy lets get to the video.

When Lil Mama stepped out of the Chateau Mama housing projects I thought it was Jim Jones with his hair down.

I know Lil Ma is a bit tom-boyish, shit her voice is a little deepish for a female kinda like a Bow Wow or Omarion. But the way she dressin she's one step away from lookin like Snoop on The Wire...

And that means she's one step away from lying facedown reciting Twista lyrics with Da Brat....

Lets move on.

Next Lil Mama is outted by Flava Flav's baby girl Miraclisha, and you know nobody likes to be proved wrong by a crack baby.

So with a bit of dragons breath, a shimmy, and a shake Lil Mama took some acid whilst no one looked and began an odd bedazzled Sesame Street drug trip.

Like a ghetto fairy, she turned 124th and Lennox into a sunshiney playground where the Lip Gloss flowed free and little girls could swing their beaded heads in tune to the beat.

Seriously did all those lil girls have beads in their hair? What happened to bow-rettes?

When Venus and Serena finally realised that the whole "Ribbon in The Sky" look was not poppin everyone else should have taken the hint.

On to this old ass nigga rappin with her...

Every opportunity to get some shine isn't always a good one.

He's like 45 and his entire flow is kissin Lil Mama all in her ass crack, that shit dont sound right.

Thats like Jay devoting a CD to how Lil Bow Wow influenced his career.

Anyways the Video is Iight, I guess if I were 5 I would be geeked up about this shit....maybe

Some WTF Moments

* Dont the nameless Old dude look just like Tim from "The Shop"

* Why Lil Mama muff Miraclisha in the head so fuckin hard? Dont she know Flav's kids aint working with alot? the last thing she need his head trauma.

* Again I must stress how absolutely horrifying Lil Mama looks, I'm sure that if Usher and Tameka find a way to get that baby out of her penis its gonna look just like Lil Mama.

*Sorry bout the horrendous waits between posts fam, I'm trying to learn this new software for a job opportunity*

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lil Wayne

Birdman ft Lil Wayne-

Pop Bottles

Whats Good Ya'll!
Man I saw this shit last week and I absolutely couldnt wait to hate on this shit to the fullest extent.
Sadly I like the song..well I like Lil Wayne's verse but his behavior in the video is so spastic and strange I have to shit all over this.
Theres so many things wrong with this video but first and foremost why Wayne and his Young Money flunkies drinking during the game?
Why is Jadakiss the coach for that matter??
Shittt fuck all that, Why they all got Oklahoma jerseys on???
I'm sooooo confused!
Lil Wayne is a strange fellow and I'm pretty sure he was inebriated by quite a few things during this shit. Theres no way he could have really made that buzzer beater.
Shit the basket prolly looked like a giant cucumber to that pill poppin gremlin.
If it helps his creative process I'm all for it,
I swear I'm gonna wake up one morning and hear Wayne drowned in a pool of his own vomit.
I can see it all now...
Baby singing "Stuntin Like My Daddy" at the wake.
Trina in a black veil and a mini skirt.
The makers of Vicodin quietly sobbing in the corner.
What a sad day for us all.
All jokes aside what in the fuck is Jadakiss's purpose?
Okay I get it you sampled "Put Ya Hands Up"
Do you ever see Kanye putting Shirley Bassey in the "Diamonds" video?
Or the hundreds of other artists he's sampled?
Don't even get me started on Birdman's flow.
I think he has the alzheimers...
This nigga just kinda rambles on and onnn
You can't have a normal human conversation with this guy.
It's not possible.
"Sooo Birdman what do you think about President Bush's stance on gay marriage?"
"Lil Daddy look here, dont ask me bout' no
faggadation ya understand!, I dont know nothin' and I aint seen shit nigga ya
dig! I do know bout them 26's on that Presidental Phantom ya heard! Respect my
Not to mention he's been dead for about 6 years now.
I mean c'mon this dudes face looks like he got hit with the World Trade Center.
I digress...
Video is okay if not a little confusing but just sit back and enjoy the coonery.
Some WTF Moments
*Why did Wayne boot up at that cheerleader after she winked at him? Oh yea Baby gets jealous so you gotta keep that hetero shit on the low low.
I get it.
*Whats with all the red? Dont they know its corny for couples to dress alike?
*Once agian I must stress that Baby looks like a re-animated corpse. That nigga so ugly his tattoos set up a removal appointment.
*Jadakiss looks like an obese ninja turtle without the shell

Monday, August 27, 2007




I'm happy to say that last nights finale did not dissapoint at all.

Diddy was in his prime and the whole event almost made you forget what a graveyard Bad Boy is....Almost.

Iight first thangs first, Who else was confuzzled by the fake MADE intro???

"I'm In!"

That made me chuckle

After the second unneccessary intro we were treated to an accapella version of "End of the Road"....Agian.

I'm so sick of that fucking song, If I never ever hear it agian it will only be too soon. I swear they made the dudes sing it every episode. No wonder Puff looked so damn bored!

He had wayyy better shit to do than listen to "End of the Road" and "Can You Stand the Rain" on loop. Like getting a mani/pedi or trying to convince his sons to wax them fuckin eyebrows.

Anyways the guys sounded Iight, Actually them niggas kinda hurt my ears.

When you got 10 guys on stage singing their hearts out for a dream its gon get ugly.

I think Donnie was catchin some 'bows to the side of the dome.

Seriously Homie was getting knocked around in between DyShon and Willie.

After that performance The Master of Ceremonies Sway came out in all his prison glory.

Sway looks like that nigga that was locked up for a couple of years and never really came out of the prison mentality.

He dont ever dress up...ever

I remember at one of them MTV awards dude was rockin a satin head wrap and some dress slacks.

At least the guys look presentable....well some of them do.

Mike lost another 14lbs and Jeremy lost some facial hair,that nigga looked straight up like a fresh shaven vagina.

We all knew he was a pussy, he really didnt have to look the part.

Sway then explains that Diddy would be making cuts throughout the show and introduced the "Dream Team" minus Boom Kack.

The new choreographer is Jamaica,who looked like she had a Minnie Mouse costume on.

But all the usuals showed up


Ankh Ra



Never one to be out-done Diddy came out to the theme of "Last Night"

I'm so trained at changing that bullshit I sat straight up and reached for the remote.

Anybody else notice that Puff wears a uniform now?

Everytime you see this nigga he got on a motorcycle-esque jacket and a white tee.

Thats a sign of aging.

My grandpa only wears Navy blue work suits and house slippers.

After his grand entrance Diddykins let the viewers ask him some questions.

First up was Jameela from Connecticut.

She kind of looked like what I envisioned Roberts boy...girlfriend to look like.

She asked Puff if he was really as crazy as he acted on the show....

You asking a man who made a video of himself peeing if he's crazy???


Then there was the Bloopers

I gotta admit I was laughin my ass off when Dirty Q and Carlos woke errbdy up at 3 in the morning.

That shit woulda never happened on MTB2 though.

Babs woulda cut them niggas for fuckin with her Get Fresh sleep time.

The next morning when Qwanell was asleep they gave dude the R Kelly redlight special.
It was funny cuz he was'nt even shocked to wake up to wet sheets....

Then Diddy split the guys up into two teams

First, DeAngelo, Dysho, Robert and Donnie performed, "If It Isn't Love."

Next, Brian H., Brian A., Mike, Jeremy and Willie

I liked team 2 a lil better but I think Jeremy would have been alot more convincing if they let Jeremy switch all the "girl"s with "boy"s

I know I'm going hard on the dude but he know he gay.

After the performance Diddy makes the first cut

and its the 40 year old virgin Dy'Shon

Notears shed over that one I hardly knew dude was in the house and he look older than my pops.

After the guys pretended to be sad, Donnie hopped on the piano for a slow version of

My head really hurt after that one.

It was like a Dru Hill concert with Keith Sweat and KC and JoJo all singing simultaneously.

Shit add Beyonce in there for good measure.

Then Diddy cut Brian H for talkin that "Tryin to play me" shit.

Niggas act like Diddy dont watch the tapes.

But the show must continue

Diddy let Danity Kane out the cage for their first apperance in a couple of months.

The girls looked good though especially Dawn.
didnt she used to look like Chopper with a wig?

There was also this wierd vibe between Aubrey and Diddy

I know he was hitting it until she blew up like Brittany Spears.

Shit Dirty Q will still work with ya Aubrey that nigga has sex with lamp posts.

Then came Yung Joc's futile attempt to sell his shit album "Hustlenomics"
"Coffee Shop" is sooooooo bad!

Plus Gorilla Zoe sounded like he chain smoke car mufflers while doing gay porn part-time.
Ask Aubrey bruh you gotta spit when it comes to Diddy.

Then Puff did that dumb ass arrangement thingy.

Didnt we vote for this fuckin band? Why Diddy pretending that he's making the decision?

That shit got me heated cuz there was like 5 min left and he fuckin around, I really thought he was gonna announce another show in front of Kim's new house or something.

Then he hit us with a shocker........he was making it a 5 man band!

In the spirit of The Jackson 5 he said....
I bet ya'll $17 Qwanell gonna be dangling his child out the car window in 10 years.

Back to the Show

With 3 min left on the clock Puff chose the Robert "The Rhinestone Cowboy" as the first to make it.

Then Willie "L.L. Cool Will"
Then Qwanell "Dirty Q"
Then Brian A. "Mighty Mouse"

And last but not least

Big Mike
"Big Nigga Of The Year"

If Big Mike aint make it I woulda just turned the damn TV off really and truely.

Oh Wait theres one more thing Donnie got a solo deal with Bad Boy!
I think thats worth $500 and a Sean Jhon velour in USD.

After the announcement It was straight pandemonium!

Diddy was doing his best Tom Cruise
The Boys were crying and jumping all over each other
Ankh Ra was suckin up Slam during the confusion

I kinda felt bad for DeAngelo though my dude was just kinda lost like
"What about me Puff?...You still lookin for an assistant?"

Its kinda sad cuz after all their hard work these guys are gonna put out one or two CD's and then end up just like Danity Kane or countless others before them.

Shit New Edition will always let ya'll come on tour with them.

It's Bad Boy Baby!

Friday, August 24, 2007



Beat The Beat Up

No Hate this time just check out the homie Ty-Real's YouTube site. He does a real interesting video series in which he gives insight into his creative process. His beats in High School were fairly Kanye-ish but Its good to see someone progess in their craft.

Baby Bash ft T-Pain

Baby Bash ft T-Pain


The Wait Is Over!
I'm back ya'll!

Sorry for leaving you so long with no hate, I see the big homie Ronnie Mexx got a blog up so I knew I had to start posting agian real soon. Niggas already thought I was him, If I dissapeared that would look really suspect.

With no futher ado, I introduce you to the Worst song in America.

This shit makes my ears bleed, Vocodor hype man-ing mixed with some of the worst rhymes penned since "Must Be The Money"

I know many of you are asking, Who the Fuck is a Baby Bash?

Let me drop some knowledge on you

Back in '03 this nigga dropped one of the worst songs in history, "Suga Suga" and being that it was one of the worst songs in history white people loved it. Mexicans fell right into the trap too. I know theres not alot of Mexican artists getting that mainstream paper but c'mon this nigga is close to drooling on himself.

I feel like he draws words out of a bowl and tries to make sense out of them the best he can.

Look at that numba on the back of that bumpa?????


Even Cam'Ron laughs at this nigga

Not only is he a waste of label funding this cat looks like a Mexican Ginuwine.

He better never let the PoPo catch him touching on little boys them C-Block niggas gonna have a Baby Bash forreal.

I really didn't even realise T-Pain was in this bullshit, Homie so dark all I could see was those damn white shades.

Why he always wearing those shits?

Didn't white plastic shades die with D4L's career?

Oh Wait..... wasnt T-Pain the nigga that was talking about Brandy's Brothers' penis? He prolly wear shades all the time so he can check out the package on the low low.

These down low bruthas are getting soo smart!

If it wasnt for the highlighted dreads or his infatuation with large penises I woulda never thunk it.

I'm so tired of strip club anthems, between Uncle Luke and the Ying Yang Twins stripper hoes have a catalog of songs thicker than the bible now.

Some WTF Moments

* Why does T-Pain have a bandana on his face? This nigga lives in the strip club you think he would be accustomed to the smell of day old salmon and coco butter.

*Did this strip club buy the old Soul Train set?? I swear I saw that asian chick with the Tong Po braid dancing in the background.

*What is that noise T-Pain is making at the end of the song? It kinda sounds like him and Baby Bash were playing Hot Wheels in the studio and decided Teddy's motorcycle noise was super badass.