Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lil Mama

Lil Mama ft some old man

Guess who decided to capitalize on the ever popular nursery rhyme dance craze???

Everyone's favorite teenage pterodactyl Lil Mama thats who!

Man I know Breezy did this one and I try to stay away from A.H.M (Already Hated on Material) but ya'll know how much I love to hate on this broad!

First, she kinda looks like what I would describe as a man,
A very ugly man with second degree burns to the facial area.

Secondly While I respect her skills, she went kinna hard on Jay's beat, her direction is all off.

Chris Brown is around her age and you dont see him singing about action figures and getting heavy spins on Radio Disney.

I mean the whole Dora the Explorer look is a good look when you're a 12 year old rapper, when you 17 going on 45 it aint cute.

Okayy lets get to the video.

When Lil Mama stepped out of the Chateau Mama housing projects I thought it was Jim Jones with his hair down.

I know Lil Ma is a bit tom-boyish, shit her voice is a little deepish for a female kinda like a Bow Wow or Omarion. But the way she dressin she's one step away from lookin like Snoop on The Wire...

And that means she's one step away from lying facedown reciting Twista lyrics with Da Brat....

Lets move on.

Next Lil Mama is outted by Flava Flav's baby girl Miraclisha, and you know nobody likes to be proved wrong by a crack baby.

So with a bit of dragons breath, a shimmy, and a shake Lil Mama took some acid whilst no one looked and began an odd bedazzled Sesame Street drug trip.

Like a ghetto fairy, she turned 124th and Lennox into a sunshiney playground where the Lip Gloss flowed free and little girls could swing their beaded heads in tune to the beat.

Seriously did all those lil girls have beads in their hair? What happened to bow-rettes?

When Venus and Serena finally realised that the whole "Ribbon in The Sky" look was not poppin everyone else should have taken the hint.

On to this old ass nigga rappin with her...

Every opportunity to get some shine isn't always a good one.

He's like 45 and his entire flow is kissin Lil Mama all in her ass crack, that shit dont sound right.

Thats like Jay devoting a CD to how Lil Bow Wow influenced his career.

Anyways the Video is Iight, I guess if I were 5 I would be geeked up about this shit....maybe

Some WTF Moments

* Dont the nameless Old dude look just like Tim from "The Shop"

* Why Lil Mama muff Miraclisha in the head so fuckin hard? Dont she know Flav's kids aint working with alot? the last thing she need his head trauma.

* Again I must stress how absolutely horrifying Lil Mama looks, I'm sure that if Usher and Tameka find a way to get that baby out of her penis its gonna look just like Lil Mama.

*Sorry bout the horrendous waits between posts fam, I'm trying to learn this new software for a job opportunity*


AB said...

Hoping you didn't lose ya fanbase, since you was gone so long.. lol. Anywayz, I added your link to my page permanently now.


Juveelord said...

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Ron Mexico said...

sohh much better than the other shit, mane!

Bird said...

First I was hatin when I had to Google "pterodactyl" but once I saw the definition (Pterosaurs, from the Greek, pterosauros, meaning "winged lizard") I couldn't help but laugh.

Oncetagain I gotta call out a blogger on missing shit. How you gonna miss her grabbing her cock TWICE at the beginning of the video. When I saw that I was just as convinced she was gay as the time I saw Tevin Campbell do an authentic Price Is Right Girl hand flip and Sisqo twirl on Apollo when he was like 15. She must hate that they make her wear girl clothes and lip gloss.

My favorite passage:

I'm sure that if Usher and Tameka find a way to get that baby out of her penis its gonna look just like Lil Mama.

Seattle Slim said...

LOL @ "teenage pterodactyl"

DAMN YOU!!! You ain't NO damned good!

amberlin said...

ummm when are you gonna talk about this bitches outfit on MTV

EReal aka Buck Nasty said...

Yo! How she gonna smack hurricane chris in the dome like that??? Ay Bay Bay!!!

All in all a good video, but its a totally new direction for Bow Wow, I dont really get it, but good for him.

1 hunned.