Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lil Wayne

Birdman ft Lil Wayne-

Pop Bottles

Whats Good Ya'll!
Man I saw this shit last week and I absolutely couldnt wait to hate on this shit to the fullest extent.
Sadly I like the song..well I like Lil Wayne's verse but his behavior in the video is so spastic and strange I have to shit all over this.
Theres so many things wrong with this video but first and foremost why Wayne and his Young Money flunkies drinking during the game?
Why is Jadakiss the coach for that matter??
Shittt fuck all that, Why they all got Oklahoma jerseys on???
I'm sooooo confused!
Lil Wayne is a strange fellow and I'm pretty sure he was inebriated by quite a few things during this shit. Theres no way he could have really made that buzzer beater.
Shit the basket prolly looked like a giant cucumber to that pill poppin gremlin.
If it helps his creative process I'm all for it,
I swear I'm gonna wake up one morning and hear Wayne drowned in a pool of his own vomit.
I can see it all now...
Baby singing "Stuntin Like My Daddy" at the wake.
Trina in a black veil and a mini skirt.
The makers of Vicodin quietly sobbing in the corner.
What a sad day for us all.
All jokes aside what in the fuck is Jadakiss's purpose?
Okay I get it you sampled "Put Ya Hands Up"
Do you ever see Kanye putting Shirley Bassey in the "Diamonds" video?
Or the hundreds of other artists he's sampled?
Don't even get me started on Birdman's flow.
I think he has the alzheimers...
This nigga just kinda rambles on and onnn
You can't have a normal human conversation with this guy.
It's not possible.
"Sooo Birdman what do you think about President Bush's stance on gay marriage?"
"Lil Daddy look here, dont ask me bout' no
faggadation ya understand!, I dont know nothin' and I aint seen shit nigga ya
dig! I do know bout them 26's on that Presidental Phantom ya heard! Respect my
Not to mention he's been dead for about 6 years now.
I mean c'mon this dudes face looks like he got hit with the World Trade Center.
I digress...
Video is okay if not a little confusing but just sit back and enjoy the coonery.
Some WTF Moments
*Why did Wayne boot up at that cheerleader after she winked at him? Oh yea Baby gets jealous so you gotta keep that hetero shit on the low low.
I get it.
*Whats with all the red? Dont they know its corny for couples to dress alike?
*Once agian I must stress that Baby looks like a re-animated corpse. That nigga so ugly his tattoos set up a removal appointment.
*Jadakiss looks like an obese ninja turtle without the shell


EReal aka BuckNasty said...

Man WTF was THAT?!!

It looks like Sloth from the Goonies and the Predator formed some super ugly group of nursery rhymers.

I cannot explain in words how bad this really is.

*Future* said...

ereal that shit was funnier than my entire post!

I applaud you

Mike Crown said...

yeah ereal that was golden, lol!! And every birdman conversation ends with him throwin 26's on sumthin.

Bird said...

I sat through that whole damn video which is proof miacles do happen. Not even a Weezy verse, which accounts for half the song, could save this shit.

Shaq's flow is better than Baby's (you know I ain't callin him that other name). I'll give him all kinds of credit for his business skills, but this dude should never step in front of a mic for any reason. I know this is his "daddy" and all, but Weezy needs to slow down on all these cameos and concentrate on his own music.

*Future* said...

Hey Bird!

EReal aka Bucknasty said...

Yo I aint got it like *Future* on this blog ish, but if you want some real life hop over to ERealityCheck.Blogspot.Com, I just started, but I'll try to keep up.

Oh and shouts to *Future* for lettin me plug. I'll be here with the hate all week folks, dont forget to not tip that shitty waitress with the horse hair weave. hate hate hate hate hate!

Sahara said...

I agree, Baby never raps. He just rambles over the beat. The only thing I can ever comprehend is "ya hurd me" when he ryhmes.

AB said...

Hey Future,

Peep the page. I fixed up the video links. :-p


amberlin said...

I kinda love ninja turtles! but maybe not without the shell, thats just kinda creepy!

Seattle Slim said...

*Jadakiss looks like an obese ninja turtle without the shell
*sobs at work desk quietly*

NOT a Ninja Turtle!!!!

D NTZ said...

"The makers of Vicodin quietly sobbing in the corner."

I haven't laughed so hard for a week, at least.

This blog is a thing of beauty. I'm bookmarking right now.

Anonymous said...

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