Monday, August 27, 2007




I'm happy to say that last nights finale did not dissapoint at all.

Diddy was in his prime and the whole event almost made you forget what a graveyard Bad Boy is....Almost.

Iight first thangs first, Who else was confuzzled by the fake MADE intro???

"I'm In!"

That made me chuckle

After the second unneccessary intro we were treated to an accapella version of "End of the Road"....Agian.

I'm so sick of that fucking song, If I never ever hear it agian it will only be too soon. I swear they made the dudes sing it every episode. No wonder Puff looked so damn bored!

He had wayyy better shit to do than listen to "End of the Road" and "Can You Stand the Rain" on loop. Like getting a mani/pedi or trying to convince his sons to wax them fuckin eyebrows.

Anyways the guys sounded Iight, Actually them niggas kinda hurt my ears.

When you got 10 guys on stage singing their hearts out for a dream its gon get ugly.

I think Donnie was catchin some 'bows to the side of the dome.

Seriously Homie was getting knocked around in between DyShon and Willie.

After that performance The Master of Ceremonies Sway came out in all his prison glory.

Sway looks like that nigga that was locked up for a couple of years and never really came out of the prison mentality.

He dont ever dress up...ever

I remember at one of them MTV awards dude was rockin a satin head wrap and some dress slacks.

At least the guys look presentable....well some of them do.

Mike lost another 14lbs and Jeremy lost some facial hair,that nigga looked straight up like a fresh shaven vagina.

We all knew he was a pussy, he really didnt have to look the part.

Sway then explains that Diddy would be making cuts throughout the show and introduced the "Dream Team" minus Boom Kack.

The new choreographer is Jamaica,who looked like she had a Minnie Mouse costume on.

But all the usuals showed up


Ankh Ra



Never one to be out-done Diddy came out to the theme of "Last Night"

I'm so trained at changing that bullshit I sat straight up and reached for the remote.

Anybody else notice that Puff wears a uniform now?

Everytime you see this nigga he got on a motorcycle-esque jacket and a white tee.

Thats a sign of aging.

My grandpa only wears Navy blue work suits and house slippers.

After his grand entrance Diddykins let the viewers ask him some questions.

First up was Jameela from Connecticut.

She kind of looked like what I envisioned Roberts boy...girlfriend to look like.

She asked Puff if he was really as crazy as he acted on the show....

You asking a man who made a video of himself peeing if he's crazy???


Then there was the Bloopers

I gotta admit I was laughin my ass off when Dirty Q and Carlos woke errbdy up at 3 in the morning.

That shit woulda never happened on MTB2 though.

Babs woulda cut them niggas for fuckin with her Get Fresh sleep time.

The next morning when Qwanell was asleep they gave dude the R Kelly redlight special.
It was funny cuz he was'nt even shocked to wake up to wet sheets....

Then Diddy split the guys up into two teams

First, DeAngelo, Dysho, Robert and Donnie performed, "If It Isn't Love."

Next, Brian H., Brian A., Mike, Jeremy and Willie

I liked team 2 a lil better but I think Jeremy would have been alot more convincing if they let Jeremy switch all the "girl"s with "boy"s

I know I'm going hard on the dude but he know he gay.

After the performance Diddy makes the first cut

and its the 40 year old virgin Dy'Shon

Notears shed over that one I hardly knew dude was in the house and he look older than my pops.

After the guys pretended to be sad, Donnie hopped on the piano for a slow version of

My head really hurt after that one.

It was like a Dru Hill concert with Keith Sweat and KC and JoJo all singing simultaneously.

Shit add Beyonce in there for good measure.

Then Diddy cut Brian H for talkin that "Tryin to play me" shit.

Niggas act like Diddy dont watch the tapes.

But the show must continue

Diddy let Danity Kane out the cage for their first apperance in a couple of months.

The girls looked good though especially Dawn.
didnt she used to look like Chopper with a wig?

There was also this wierd vibe between Aubrey and Diddy

I know he was hitting it until she blew up like Brittany Spears.

Shit Dirty Q will still work with ya Aubrey that nigga has sex with lamp posts.

Then came Yung Joc's futile attempt to sell his shit album "Hustlenomics"
"Coffee Shop" is sooooooo bad!

Plus Gorilla Zoe sounded like he chain smoke car mufflers while doing gay porn part-time.
Ask Aubrey bruh you gotta spit when it comes to Diddy.

Then Puff did that dumb ass arrangement thingy.

Didnt we vote for this fuckin band? Why Diddy pretending that he's making the decision?

That shit got me heated cuz there was like 5 min left and he fuckin around, I really thought he was gonna announce another show in front of Kim's new house or something.

Then he hit us with a shocker........he was making it a 5 man band!

In the spirit of The Jackson 5 he said....
I bet ya'll $17 Qwanell gonna be dangling his child out the car window in 10 years.

Back to the Show

With 3 min left on the clock Puff chose the Robert "The Rhinestone Cowboy" as the first to make it.

Then Willie "L.L. Cool Will"
Then Qwanell "Dirty Q"
Then Brian A. "Mighty Mouse"

And last but not least

Big Mike
"Big Nigga Of The Year"

If Big Mike aint make it I woulda just turned the damn TV off really and truely.

Oh Wait theres one more thing Donnie got a solo deal with Bad Boy!
I think thats worth $500 and a Sean Jhon velour in USD.

After the announcement It was straight pandemonium!

Diddy was doing his best Tom Cruise
The Boys were crying and jumping all over each other
Ankh Ra was suckin up Slam during the confusion

I kinda felt bad for DeAngelo though my dude was just kinda lost like
"What about me Puff?...You still lookin for an assistant?"

Its kinda sad cuz after all their hard work these guys are gonna put out one or two CD's and then end up just like Danity Kane or countless others before them.

Shit New Edition will always let ya'll come on tour with them.

It's Bad Boy Baby!


Bird said...

I wasn't disappointed by the finale because I taped it on good ole fashioned VCR and then watched it. So no commercials, Danity Kane or Young Joke for me.

I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with Jeremy, but you nailed it. Not only did someone slay him on the shave, but he had on waay too much foundation. They had him looking as retarded as he sounds.

I done told you about messing with my Dyshon dammit. He's a youngster (I think) and I read somewhere that he has a kid so he ain't no virgin. I'm sure he slayed as many hoochies as Will at the after party. Well at least as many as Jeremy. Ok maybe he didn't get none last night, but still.

All in all I liked the show and I ain't mad out the band.

luv1 said...


*The girls looked good though especially Dawn.
didnt she used to look like Chopper with a wig?*


Breezy said...

This recap was pretty good, I must admit. WHERE UR ASS BEEN? Hopefully ur well.
Anyway, check out the blog... I actually attended the taping last night of MTB4... shit was crazy...
Good luck with school, my classes just started yesterday... ugh..

AB said...

I would LOVE to see you hate on some more vids. Particularly, Sexy Lady Remix, and it's WTF moments, lol. :-p

Anonymous said...

They all look like the next cast for Queer eye for the Queer guy, with the exception of willie.

Bird said...

Ok, you just wrong. Now everytime I see Robert I can't help but launch into, "Like a Rhinstone Cowboy!" with the music in my mind and errthing. I'm sure Puffy is going to nip his bedazzled wardrobe in the bud immediately.

Mike Crown said...

I've never seen this show, but your re-caps have me in tears every time.

EReal aka Buck Nasty said...

Your picture line up looks like the whore flyers they pass out in vegas. For Fags. lmao!