Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Bash ft T-Pain

Baby Bash ft T-Pain


The Wait Is Over!
I'm back ya'll!

Sorry for leaving you so long with no hate, I see the big homie Ronnie Mexx got a blog up so I knew I had to start posting agian real soon. Niggas already thought I was him, If I dissapeared that would look really suspect.

With no futher ado, I introduce you to the Worst song in America.

This shit makes my ears bleed, Vocodor hype man-ing mixed with some of the worst rhymes penned since "Must Be The Money"

I know many of you are asking, Who the Fuck is a Baby Bash?

Let me drop some knowledge on you

Back in '03 this nigga dropped one of the worst songs in history, "Suga Suga" and being that it was one of the worst songs in history white people loved it. Mexicans fell right into the trap too. I know theres not alot of Mexican artists getting that mainstream paper but c'mon this nigga is close to drooling on himself.

I feel like he draws words out of a bowl and tries to make sense out of them the best he can.

Look at that numba on the back of that bumpa?????


Even Cam'Ron laughs at this nigga

Not only is he a waste of label funding this cat looks like a Mexican Ginuwine.

He better never let the PoPo catch him touching on little boys them C-Block niggas gonna have a Baby Bash forreal.

I really didn't even realise T-Pain was in this bullshit, Homie so dark all I could see was those damn white shades.

Why he always wearing those shits?

Didn't white plastic shades die with D4L's career?

Oh Wait..... wasnt T-Pain the nigga that was talking about Brandy's Brothers' penis? He prolly wear shades all the time so he can check out the package on the low low.

These down low bruthas are getting soo smart!

If it wasnt for the highlighted dreads or his infatuation with large penises I woulda never thunk it.

I'm so tired of strip club anthems, between Uncle Luke and the Ying Yang Twins stripper hoes have a catalog of songs thicker than the bible now.

Some WTF Moments

* Why does T-Pain have a bandana on his face? This nigga lives in the strip club you think he would be accustomed to the smell of day old salmon and coco butter.

*Did this strip club buy the old Soul Train set?? I swear I saw that asian chick with the Tong Po braid dancing in the background.

*What is that noise T-Pain is making at the end of the song? It kinda sounds like him and Baby Bash were playing Hot Wheels in the studio and decided Teddy's motorcycle noise was super badass.


Ron Mexico said...

bwaaahahaha! mexican ginuwine! genius.

day-old salmon and cocoa butter... ugh. i just threw up my pizza. thanks.

that's why i don't go to strip clubs. i'd be nauseated moreso than aroused.

plus i likes to get mine without making it rain.

*Future* said...

Damn I shocked Ron Mexico!

Thats a compliment of the highest degree

Sahara said...

LOL, I see Im not the only one wondering what the fuck was the noise they are making at the end of the song. T pain grosses me out, fa real. He's always hyper and shiny like he's soaked with "stripper juices". Are pole vixens the only women who get dedications in hip-hop these days? Watching that video made me realize that THIS NIGGA is the reason I haven't stepped foot in a club in years. Thanks Hater-Nation. Youre no Mexico, but u will do in between his posts :)

Bird said...

Awww damn, the video was removed. Shit shit shit! I was so looking forward to T-Pain and this tweezed up dude (eyebrows, mustache & beard). I have no doubt they are lovers.

Future you my boy and all, but I'm starting to wonder about the Ron Mexico thing. You disappear and he reappears. Wassup wit dat?

I got to keep the conspiracy theories going. It works for 50.

Yung Ether aka The Picket Line said...

oooohhhhhhh, the humanity!!!

luv1 said...

day old salmon and cocoa butter???????

ahhh hahahahahahahaha!!!

where do u get this stuff?!?!

AB said...

Wow! Hit me up, dude. I haven't heard from you in weeks. How u workin' stuff now? Holla @ me.


EReal aka BuckNasty said...

"Even Cam'Ron laughs at this nigga"
Classic. Pure Classic.

This dude looks like he got in a fight with his razor, his shits all uneven and nasty and that chain looks like he got it off the bottom of a lake.

*Future* said...

bottom of a lake!!!

Mary Janeeee. said...

You guys are all whiner ass babies, let's see you internet geeks get your lazy asses up and create a song, and make some cash.
Atleast this man is out there doing something he enjoys and makes money doing.

Anonymous said...

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